My Zeta Phi Beta Sisters


A Brief History of Zeta Phi Beta Sigma                

A quest was deployed to create a true sisterhood, following similar principles as Sigma, but having its own womanly uniqueness. Two Most Honorable Brothers accepted this monumental task. In the year 1920, their quest will be completed with the birth of The New
Light, and the creation of The Eternal Light. On January 16, 1920, the Year of The New Light was born when five phenomenal women created Zeta. The Most Gracious Pearls accepted
Sigma's principles of scholarship and service, thus the common sharing of the greek letters Phi Beta!

The Eternal Light was created when Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta became the first and only constitutionally bound Greek-Lettered organizations, thus becoming a True Family of Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

But, being a separate entity, Zeta strides for the creation of "Finer Womanhood" and incorporates its own principle of sisterly love.

Many Greeks have combined, but are not constitutionally bound. They weren't created from the same framework, therefore, they are not a True Family.

Many other organizations are co-ed, but they don't have separate principles that meet the needs of just men or just women. They just serve the general population.

Thus, Zeta Phi Beta Sigma was born. A unique Family of two
organizations with both common and separate principles to guide,
support, and mold all that rises to the Beckoning Call.

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